Friday, July 07, 2006

interlude: music review?

if tracks on iPods could wear out, pretty much all of the songs on the new dixie chicks cd would be scratching and skipping. this thing is so good... the melodies are actually addictive. I have seriously not listened to anything except The Dixie Chicks The Long Way Around since I picked it up on Sunday. I love The Long Way Around, Everybody Knows, I'm Not Ready to Make Nice, Baby Hold On, Bitter End, Voice Inside My Head... but yah, I am crazy about Lullaby. It almost makes me ache it's so beautiful. Any thoughts? I know my brother has had binges where he's listened to I'm Not Ready to Make Nice 15 times in a row... my dad too. You? Or maybe there's another CD or song or something that has gotten you the same way?

talk to me!

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Jac said...

I think 'I'm not ready to make nice' is my theme song. LOL. I've been listening to it constantly since I first heard it but I haven't heard the rest of the album yet.

There's also this new book you have to check out called 'Stupid and Contagious' by Caprice Crane. I can't put the thing down, it talks a lot about the latest indie bands on the music scene and stuff. Basically interactions between boy and girl that totally relates to our lives.