Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The I and the Me (Sociology study notes part two)

George Herbert Mead's socialization and self theory

am I me? is me who I really am? when I say I, I am talking about a person who exists without reference to any people around me or any perceived potential fallout to action I take, or things I say. When I say me, I'm talking about others and how they see me. You see? I can't say me without thinking of the others because there is no me without you!


Marieseda said...

Look into my heart and you will see.
With the titles all gone, I am Me.

Sj said...

and we do struggle to find that person that the others see too. Not to become that person at times but just to understand that person. That other "us" which is more real than the "us" we think exists.